GNOME 45 Wallpapers

With the 45 release out the door, it would be a shame not to reveal some of the behind the scenes for the new wallpapers.

I’ll start off by mentioning a lovely new addition by David Lapshin, Amber, leaning into Inkscape’s mesh gradients.

The default has shown no dramatic departure from the triangles/hexagons of the previous releases. The on-brand triangle theme has been kept, but the implementation is very different. The wallpaper is a result of a generated mesh using Blender’s geometry nodes and color gradients derived from a pre-existing wallpaper texture. You can check the whole thing out in the provided blender project files in wallpaper-assets.

There have been updates to the existing set, the surprisingly popular Blobs have been tweaked, my personal favorite, Fold crops a bit better at the most common 16:9 aspect and Truchet is round yet again. Pixels have been updated to feature Circle apps.

Weirdly named Morphogenesis is one of my favorite additions this release. Based around a concept of reactive diffusion, described by none other than Allan Turing, features a little easter egg if you’re into chasing those down.

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