Fugue Machine on the M8

Since the start of the year I’ve been doing weeklybeats. So far it’s been possible mainly thanks to the Dirtywave M8’s ability to be picked up, instantly turned on and creating. I have to admit to mostly composing in bed (and only occasionally waking up my better half by shaking to the beat).

I’m not going to be spamming the planet with every track, but I do want to share some that I feel worked out. This one is a jam done on the Digitakt (that I actually modified to run on a li-ion battery) and the M8 doing most of the heavy lifting. The track started by setting up Fugue Machine like sequence in the M8. A friend of mine suggested to spice the ambient with a bit of a beat, which I used a Digitakt for. I now map the mixer on the M8 onto the 8 encoders of the Digitakt, but for the jam I was still using the internal keypad.

I really enjoy stepping back into my tracking shoes after two decades, especially when I ran into the old Buzz crew on the Dirtywave Discord server. Shout out to Ilya and Noggin’ who’ve made my re-entry to music super enjoyable.