Single Cycle Rave

Single Cycle Rave

While I’ve really enjoyed the new firmware with an extra LFO on the Elektron Digitakt, I haven’t posted anything because the next day recording never had the same power as when I head-banged the tune in bed the previous night (the sole reason why everything is backlit on the Digitakt, don’t let them live performers tell you otherwise).

But I have to break through the creator’s block and start posting again, because I really want to get good at this.

Some pointless technicalities: Digitakt is a drum machine that allows to loop even super tiny samples so what you get is a very versatile oscillator to furter shape with EQ and effects. I am still terrible and slow, but there is definitely joy in playing versus programming a pattern in a tracker. Sure it feels a bit odd to keep the amazing Digitone off, but I feel like I always spoit the broth by adding and adding more. This track benefts from the minimalistic constraints I think.

The drone footage taken from a few shoots in 2021. It’s never enough to make a video out of it, so I’m happy it’s usable as seasoning to my synth vids (haven’t been flying half as much as I want despite conditions being amazing).


Listen right here:

Watch a video:

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